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Rowland Hanson
Founder and CEO
Cell - 1-425-891-7760
Rowland is CEO of The HMC Company ( and Chairman of CRH & Associates ( Prior to consulting, he was Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, where he created and executed the company's highly acclaimed branding strategy which included the market introduction of Microsoft's most popular product-a graphical interface that he named "Windows." Several books published on the history of Microsoft document the strategies he executed that led to the dominance of the Microsoft and Windows brands. Prior to Microsoft, he served as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Neutrogena Corporation, a skin care and cosmetics company that registered phenomenal growth thru new product introductions and global partnering before being acquired by Johnson & Johnson. J&J acquired Neutrogena for a significant premium after determining that, while it could certainly replicate the products, it could not replicate the strength of the Neutrogena brand. It was the successful branding strategies being executed at Neutrogena that captured the attention of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Together, Bill and Steve convinced Rowland that he should leave Neutrogena and help them in their quest to change the world by applying the proven branding strategies to a new emerging industry called software. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

Today Rowland is still heavily involved with Microsoft but now with the Alumni Foundation; the complementary organization to the Gates Foundation. These foundations are committed to improving the lives of billions of people around the world. Rowland is currently responsible for strategic partnerships for the Alumni Foundation. See the following links to better appreciate what the Foundation is accomplishing and how you can get directly involved:

Rowland has a BBA from Loyola University and an MBA from Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) where he graduated on the Directors List of Distinction.

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